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Тема: Новая плата управления WH16S против ТК-60

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    Сравниваем Новая плата управления WH16S против ТК-60

    Коллеги привожу сравнение двух плат управления. Пока на английском, постараемся перевести на русский, но Гугл может помочь. О ней же было вот здесь http://www.d-i-m.su/forum/showthread.php?t=5832 .

    Сравнение приводится с разрешения автора Роланда Чу.

    "...Guess it is about time to talk about the #WH16S control board.

    The WH has in fact been available for over a year in Mainland China, but its TBU battle function has only just become stable and the instructions sheet is still not yet available in English. Once it all get sorted out, some of the usual RC tank shops will stock it.

    The WH16S is a powerful all-in-one board for RC tanks. It is priced less than the Clark TK60 with comparable performance. Since I own both the WH16S and the latest TK60 S.Bus, here is a review for both.

    (1). Motor/ESC control
    WH16S offers a maximum 3S 70A output for track motors. The ESC is so powerful that it barely heats up even running twin 550 motors at high speed. Low speed control is decent and steering is fine once you properly set it up (end points, subtrims...). The ESC has slight delay when you start from a full stop, or when you reverse after going forward.

    TK60Sbus offers a maximum 3S 60A output for tracks, but I do not recommend to run it so high for extended times. You should also solder the motor cables into the holes instead of using the HL-style plugs. Cable can simply get burnt down near the tiny, overloaded sockets. Happened twice for me.
    Low speed control is awesome after the 32-steps speed upgrade. Beats the WH16S. Control is precise and without delay. Board does heats up after running a while.

    Draw, TK60 for precise control and WH16S for fast, reliable runs.

    (2). Sound quality
    Clark TK60 has better sound detail while WH16S is more powerful. For Leo2, the Clark has longer starting engine sound and more variations when it is running. Also more choices for effect sounds. Sound is from a single 15W amp.
    On the other hand, WH16S has 2 speaker sockets and the amp is twice as powerful (15W x 2). Max volume is almost scary. Sound is still smooth and clear but with less variations.

    TK60 wins in sound detail, but WH16S is louder if that is what you are looking for.

    (3). Ease of Setup
    Clark TK60 is a great board but takes some efforts to set-up.
    Most settings are done through the IR, using a Sony remote and a IR receiver (use TBU or buy from Clark). The design is convenience for setting everything at once, not so much if you only want to change one or two option. It does offer far more options, especially those related to IR-battle. About $30 more for the IR setting accessories."

    WH16S has a setup design inspired by Tamiya's. Basic options are done by switch jumpers and the more advanced ones are by using your transmitter when board gets into a setup mode. You can change settings almost anytime without using anything else. IR-battle options are more basic, same as stock Tamiya but should be enough for most clubs.
    Sound volume is controlled with Transmitter, no need to physically spin the button like on HL and Clark.

    Draw. I prefer the WH16S as I always have to change options at last second!

    (4). Size and durability

    Both have about the same size, but WH16S is well insulated by its case so it takes less space in tank. It also generates less heat.

    The Clark TK60 has most of the surface exposed. Many offer a 3D printed case for it but the top part is still uncovered. As the ESC and amp heats up, it has to stay that way.
    Also as designed for almost plug-and-play on HL tanks, it retains the poorly designed connectors of HL. They are not rated for upgraded motors and are generally unreliable. Consider soldering the motor and battery cables into the sockets provided.

    WH16S is completely wrapped around by a metal case and cable + battery cables are soldered on. Yet it does not heat up much even on long outdoor runs.

    WH16S wins. Board is well protected from elements and motor and battery cables are already integrated into the board.

    (5). Control and playability

    TK60 S.Bus can use all 4-10CH to handle all functions. With 10CH, you switch on/off all the lights and additional servos with a flick on the transmitter. For gun-stab, you will need to order the G2 model instead.

    WH16S uses 4-7CH for all functions, although they are also well-designed. Optionally is a light-censor - for the gun to raise when the turret turns backward over the engine bay. Gun stabilizer can be added by plugging in the unit (sold separately form another brand).

    Draw. TK60 is better if your tank has plenty of features. WH16S is more flexible for gun-stab options.

    Note: The TK60 is a more expensive board starting at $200, with full set of IR equipment and cables it will be closer to $250. WH16S will likely be priced at least 10% less than the TK60, but more than the TK24.

    I would pick Clark TK60 S.Bus for all tanks except the modern, fast, gun-stabilized ones. TK60 is a more precise board, but WH16S has more raw power and is bomb-proof.
    For some tanks, only Clark has the recorded sound for them.

    *Note that WH16S comes with Tamiya-style motor plugs. For the display version M1 Abrams, Gepard and Leopard 1, it is the fastest way to get it running.
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    По умолчанию

    Подчеркну, что это - хорошая альтернатива Тамиевским платам.
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